Vehicle Components

Compared to the more traditional materials used in the automotive trade, GRP is seen as a more suitable material for low volume vehicle components due to its high strength to weight ratio and zero corrosion.


Photograph top left:

GRP rear cab moulding. This product is one of many GRP mouldings produced for John Dennis Coachbuilders for the manufacture of  their fire engines.

Photograph top right:

GRP Roofs for Just Kampers.

Photograph centre left:

GRP light weight wind deflector.

Photograph centre right:

CMM produced 1.4 scaled GRP mouldings for this iconic VW Dormobile for an events company. The vehicle was subsequently fitted out with a fully operational fast food kitchen for use at large sporting and social events across the country.

Bottom two photographs:

Two GRP components which are part of a complete set of parts to make up the Allard Motor Car. We manufacture all the Allard parts using lightweight composite materials.

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